March 17, 2020

New Industry Venture Fund invested in ADL Completion LLC

ADL Completion is a modern company focused on multilateral well completion technologies applicable to both new and mature well stock. The company specializes in the development of advanced technologies and equipment for the oil and gas industry, positioning itself as a high-tech enterprise. The totality of projects already implemented and at the final stage of development made ADL Completion LLC attractive for investments by the New Industry Venture Fund, the total amount of which amounted to 100 million rubles.

The developed technological solutions in the field of multilateral and multilateral completions make it possible to carry out work in casing string sizes from 146 mm to 245 mm, in accordance with TAML 1 – TAML 5 levels. As a result of the use of domestic equipment, capital investments are reduced, and profitability is increased. The developed technologies have a sufficient degree of flexibility, as a result of which it becomes possible to upgrade the system to individual customer requirements; today they are large producing companies in the oil and gas industry. Successfully completed 15 field works with the supply of equipment upon reaching 100% of the success criteria set by customers.

Also at the final stage are bench tests of unique, off-system, technologies close to the TAML 4 level for open and cased holes and multilateral well completion technology with the possibility of using MSHF, the relevance of which is growing against the backdrop of the current price situation, creating a favorable atmosphere for a new round of technology development previously considered economically unprofitable. Multilateral completion in the future 3-7 years will move from the premium category, which today it is for subsoil users, into the category of an economically profitable and popular product.