The TAML 4 multilateral completion system is a sophisticated solution for both new and sidetracking wells. The technology entails casing and cementing the junction.

The developed system maintains production from the mainbore and ensures the mechanical integrity and isolation of the window interval from the transit layers.

TAML 4 works in the numerous casing sizes from 5-3/4” up to 9-5/8” without affecting the functionality of the well. All required SIT have been done. The technology is ready for trial job.

Areas of use

Unstable formations

Heterogeneous rocks with transit layers (water, gas) in the kick-off area

Distinctive features of the TAML 4 system:

6 trips to install the Level 4 – basic scenario

The orientation of downhole equipment is available with different orientation systems

Retrievable casing exit system is applied (similar to TAML 2)

The junction design provides full-bore ID to the mainbore and allows to RIH any type of equipment

(for example, ESP) to the planned depth, in particular, below the window interval

Deployment of diverters (permanent / retrievable) ensures selective access to the laterals;

Technology is compatible with multistage fracturing systems and sand control equipment

TAML 4 multilateral completion system has significant potential for application on old wells

casing sizes from 5-3/4” to 9-5/8”