The TAML 5 multilateral completion system provides mechanical integrity and tightness of the wellbore joint through completion equipment. The complex of solutions provides selective access to both boreholes without the use of additional equipment throughout the entire period of the well operation.

The TAML 5 multilateral completion system allows wells to be drilled even in the most challenging geological conditions, increasing the efficiency and profitability of projects.

Today, a team of specialists from ML One is actively working on the development and improvement of system elements: a prototype has been made and the first bench tests have been carried out.

Areas of use

unstable rocks

interlayers with a high probability of gas, water and sand breakthrough into the window cut-out interval

Distinctive features

6 trips to set up the system

Installation of the trunk branching unit takes 1 trip

Equipment design allows to provide maximum bore diameters in the main and sidetracks (among the available analogues)

The developed metal-to-metal completion equipment design ensures the tightness of the wellbore junction with a high differential pressure rating

Possibility of rotation of the sidetrack liner during running (17 kNm)

The TAML 5 system is applicable to various types of upper and lower well completions: for example, multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, Plug and Perf, downhole filters, etc.

The technology is available in standard sizes for OK from 178 mm to 245 mm