TAML 2 multilateral well completion system includes casing exit operation and installation of the line-filter (optional). Developed solution is applicable as new as old wells with keeping production from the mainbore.

Design of the retrievable casing exit system allows to pull it out and to restore full-bore ID to the mainbore.

TAML 2 multilateral technology is engineered to meet a variety of challenges throughout life of well. There is new well construction, re-access to a previously drilled lateral, convenient sidetracking operation.

Areas of use

Stable rocks

to avoid risk of open hole caving in the window area

Homogeneous rocks without transit layers

(water, gas) in the window area

Distinctive features

1-trip system – basic scenario

Maximum differential pressure of the packer – 5,000 psi

High-torque retrievable anchor

Developed advanced one-trip system – TAML 3 lite

Available for the casing sizes from 5-3/4” to 9-5/8”

Unique design of the multi-cycle circulation valve