TAML 1 multilateral well completion system is the simple and widespread technology which applies to both new and old wells. TAML 1 design provides permanent lateral access.

Sidetracking is performed from the open hole using the production non-retrievable whipstock. The last one ensures production from both wellbores.

Flexibility of TAML 1 allows to address a wide range of issues. There is contracting trilateral (and more) wells, reduce the number of RIH, optimisation of the operation within one trip, etc.

Areas of use

Stable f ormations

sidetracking is problematic without whipstock installation

Fishbone multilateral wells

Wells combined design

construction of several cased and open hole wellbores

Distinctive features

2 trips to install the entire system – basic scenario

High accuracy of orientation methods

(3 degrees) without involving the MWD telemetry service;

The unique design of the production whipstock makes it possible to use the RSS BHA for sidetracking

The developed equipment makes it possible to replace the well fluid with a breaker to dissolve the filter cake, which increases the efficiency of production