The TAML 3 multilateral completion system applies to both cased and open hole completion. The last one is unique in the world practice.

The technology allows to run liners with rotation. A high-capacity hydraulic anchor (and/or anchor packer) is used as a liner hanger.

One-trip TAML 3 system ensures the mechanical integrity of the junction. Well’s construction provides selective access to the wellbores via the pre-installed diverter and the ability to control and monitor production from the laterals (if required).

Areas of use

Stable and unstable formations

Homogeneous rocks without transit layers

(water, gas) in the kick-off area

Distinctive features of the TAML 3 cased hole system:

4 trips to install the Level 3 – basic scenario

TAML 3 cased hole system is compatible with multistage fracturing and equipment for the separate production

Available for the casing sizes from 6-5/8” to 9-5/8”

Distinctive features of the TAML 3 open hole system:

The system is unique in the world practice of multilateral completion.

The practical experience is described in SPE article # 201856. For more information, visit the OnePetro Library website.

Developed and proven the technique for retrieving the whipstock from the open hole

Backup mitigation option with TAML lowering down to 1

Available for the sizes from 6-5/8” to 9-5/8”