October 22, 2021

IX practical seminar of PJSC Oil Company Rosneft on geological support while drilling

Семинар Роснефть

The IX practical seminar of PJSC Oil Company Rosneft was held in Moscow September 29 – October 1, 2021. It was dedicated to the issues of geological support while drilling. There were more than 80 reports covering the following items:

  1. Geosteering;
  2. Seismic geological analysis in horizontal wells drilling;
  3. Multilateral horizontal wells;
  4. Geomechanics;
  5. Geological and engineering survey;
  6. Logging interpretation in horizontal wells drilling;
  7. Logging during drilling;
  8. Completion and survey technologies for horizontal wells;
  9. Field development with horizontal wells.

ML One presented its report on “Multilateral Well Completion Technologies. Practical experience”. Evgeny Pyatkov, CBO at ML One, highlighted the issues of technological features of MLT systems of 1-5 levels by the TAML classification. He also paied attention to the importance of modernizing and adapting solutions to specific field conditions.

ML One thanks the organizers and participants of the Seminar for the opportunity to present the results of work and to get acquainted with the achievements of the leading specialists of PJSC Oil Company Rosneft, ask questions and exchange opinions.