TAML 5 completion level

Technology description

TAML 5 multilateral completion system provides mechanical and hydraulic integrity between mainbore and lateral liner avoiding sand and water break thru at the window area; keeping the ability to have selective access to both laterals without any additional intervention equipment installation throughout well life


  • unstable formation in the casing exit interval;
  • transitions zones (water, gas) at the junction interval.


  • The total amount of trips to deploy the system – 6;
  • Junction installed in one trip;
  • The largest ID’s to the main and laterals bores (among similar products);
  • Unique M2M junction sealing provides mechanical and hydraulic integrity;
  • Possibility to run lateral liner with rotation (12,500 lbf·ft);
  • Applicable with any types of the lower and upper completions system (MSF, Plug & Perf screens, ICDs, etc.);
  • Available in the wide range of the casing sizes from 7’’ up to 9-5/8’’.

TAML 5 multilateral completion system allows constructing well in the most difficult subsurface conditions. ML One team moves on to the SIT of TAML 5 completion system.