TAML 4 completion level

Technology description

Sidetracking from the cased hole. Junction interval is cased and cemented keeping the ability to have selective access to both laterals with an additional intervention equipment installation throughout well life.


  • unstable formation in the casing exit interval;
  • transitions zones (water, gas) at the junction interval.


  • The total amount of trips to deploy the system – 6;
  • Alternative orientation methods available;
  • Using retrievable casing exit system;
  • Full bore ID to the mainbore;
  • 2 diverter options (permanent & retrievable);
  • Available in the wide range of the casing sizes from 5-3/4’’ up to 9-5/8’’ (Multilateral wells & Enhanced sidetrack);
  • Possibility to integrate any type of MSF completions and sand-control systems in well design
  • Possibility to RIH different equipment (for example ESP) below the window.