Completion level


Sidetracking is performed from the casing. The TAML 4 multilateral completion system provides for the casing and cementing of the joint. As a result, the connection is characterized by mechanical integrity and isolation from transit layers.

Areas of use

  • Unstable rocks

  • The presence of transit layers (water, gas) in the interval of cutting the technological window

Отличительные особенности

  • 6 open source software for complete system installation

  • Possibility of both duplication and the use of alternative methods of orientation

  • Retrievable window clipping system developed

  • Maintain nominal bore diameter in the main bore

  • Possibility of installing a divertor (permanent / retrievable)

  • TAML 4 is applicable both for the stock of new wells and for the stock of sidetracking wells in the standard size for OK from 146 mm to 245 mm

  • TAML 4 multilateral completion solution is compatible with various multi-stage hydraulic fracturing systems and sand control equipment

  • The design of the joint unit allows for the admission of various equipment (for example, ESP) to the design depth, in particular, below the cutting interval of the technological window