TAML 4 completion level

Technology description:

Sidetracking from the cased hole. Junction interval is cased and cemented keeping the ability to have selective access to both laterals with an additional intervention equipment installation throughout well life.


  • unstable formation in the casing exit interval;
  • transitions zones (water, gas) at the junction interval.


  • 6 trips to deploy the system;
  • Alternative orientation methods available;
  • Retrievable casing exit system;
  • Possibility of cement job of window interval;
  • Possibility ESP RIH below the window;
  • Application with MSF systems;
  • Big bore thru diverter design – 3,6’’ for 7’’ csg – permanent selective access to the laterals;
  • Available in the wide range of the casing sizes from 5-3/4’’ up to 9-5/8’’.