TAML 3 completion level

Technology description:

Either open or cased hole sidetracking with further junction installation with mechanical integrity between mainbore and lateral liner; keeping the ability to have selective access to both laterals without any additional intervention equipment installation throughout well life.


  • Stable and unstable formations;
  • Junction interval without transition zones (water, gas).


Special features of  TAML 3 Open hole

  • The total amount of trips to deploy the system – 5;
  • The mechanical integrity of the junction;
  • Accessibility in each lateral;
  • One-trip junction deployment;
  • Possibility to control and monitoring of each lateral in the process of exploitation (cut off any hole in the event of flooding);
  • Multi-level oil and gas recovery.

Special features of  TAML 3 Cased hole

  • The total amount of trips to deploy the system – 5;
  • Intervention in both mainbore and lateral doesn’t require any additional equipment installation;
  • High accuracy of whipstock orientation – unique orienting device design;
  • The system is applicable with multi-stage fracturing systems;
  • Available in the wide range of the casing sizes from 5-3/4’’ up to 9-5/8’’;
  • Applicable on either new or existing wells keeping production from mainbore.