Completion level


The TAML 3 multilateral completion system is applicable to both cased and open hole joint equipment. The developed technology allows running liners with rotation and subsequent casing in the wellbore using hydraulic anchors (and / or anchor-packers) with high bearing capacity. The resulting borehole joint is characterized by mechanical integrity, which is provided by the completion equipment installed in 1 trip. The well design provides: selective access to both wellbores due to the pre-installed diverter and the ability to control and monitor the wellbores in the process.

Areas of use

  • stable and unstable rocks

  • lack of transit layers (water, gas) in the interval of cutting a technological window / sidetracking

Highlights of the TAML 3 Cased Hole System

  • 4 trips to set up the system (basic algorithm)

  • TAML 3 cased hole multilateral completion technology is compatible with a variety of multi-stage hydraulic fracturing and WEM systems

  • TAML 3 is applicable for the stock of new wells and sidetracking wells in the OK 168-245mm standard size while maintaining production from the main wellbore

Distinctive features of the TAML 3 open hole system

  • The system is unique in the world practice of multilateral completion. The practical experience is described in SPE article # 201856. More information can be found on the OnePetro Library website.

  • 4 trips to set up the system (basic algorithm)

  • Developed a system for extracting a wedge-wedge from an open wellbore

  • TAML 3 open hole solution provides the ability to downgrade the completion of multilateral wells to TAML 1 in abnormal situations while maintaining the flow from both boreholes

  • The technology is available for standard sizes OK 168, 178 and 245 mm