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Sidetracking is performed from the casing using a unique retrievable sidetracking system. The developed equipment allows not only to maintain production from the main wellbore, but also to provide constant access to the sidetrack. Optionally, it is possible to install a filter liner in the sidetrack of the well.

Areas of use

  • stable rocks

  • absence of transit layers (water, gas) in the window cut-out interval

  • no risk of open hole collapse in the window interval during well operation

Distinctive features

  • 1 round trip to set up the system (basic algorithm)

  • Maximum differential pressure of the packer – 34.5 MPa

  • High-torque retrievable anchor – 55 kN · m;

  • Anti-swabbing sludge trap

  • The system is applicable both for the stock of new wells and for the stock of sidetracking wells in the standard size for OK from 146 mm to 245 mm

  • Unique design of the multi-cycle circulation valve

  • Maintaining production from the main wellbore