Completion level


Sidetracking is performed from an open wellbore from an installed hollow, non-retrievable whipstock. Both wellbores are equipped with liner filters.

Areas of use

  • stable rocks where sidetracking is problematic without a whipstock 

  • multilateral wells of the “Fish skeleton” type.

Distinctive features

  • 2 trips to set up the system (basic algorithm)

  • Available option – rotating liner run (17 kNm)

  • The ability to flush the well during the run through special holes in the whipstock;

  • Main wellbore production is maintained thanks to the design of the TAML 1 ML One multilateral completion system

  • The developed equipment makes it possible to replace the well fluid with a breaker to dissolve the filter cake, which increases the efficiency of well operation with a filter end.

  • High expansion coefficient of the anchor allows for reliable installation of the system in an open hole

  • High accuracy and the ability to duplicate orientation methods without involving the MWD telemetry service. The maximum error of the equipment used is 3 degrees;

  • The unique design of the production whipstock (rate of curvature gain – 1.75 ° / 30m) makes it possible to use the RSS layout for further sidetracking

  • Hydraulically activated sidetracking system (no cement plug)