TAML 1 completion level

Technology description

Sidetracking from open hole section using a bore thru whipstock. Both boreholes are cased with guaranteed access to the lateral.


  • Stable carbonate rocks where sidetracking without whipstock can be challenging;
  • Fishbone-type multilateral wells

Special features of TAML 1 system

  • The total amount of trips to deploy the system – 2 (base scenario);
  • 1-trip hydraulic system for open hole kick-off w/o cement plug;
  • High-capacity hydraulically expandable anchor with high expansion ratio to set in overgauged holes;
  • High precision orientation without involving MWD service or Gyro tool (remote orienting sub, max 3 deg inaccuracy);
  • Low DLS whipstock – 1.75deg/100ft ramp makes possible to run RSS straight after kick off;
  • Jetting nozzles at the whipstock taper allow wash down during RIH;
  • Possibility to rotate the liner while RIH (12500 lbf·ft);
  • Unique design of ML One’s multilateral completion system TAML 1 keeps the flow from the mainbore.