Chief Executive Officer
Alex Kashlev

Over 11 years of experience in major international companies (Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Smith and Schlumberger)

Career path from field engineer to engineering team manager

Major projects:
TAML 5 for Exxon on the Sakhalin Island
TAML 5 smart completion system for LUKOIL NVN
TAML 5 for Woodside (Australia)
TAML 2 for KOS Kuwait (Kuwait)
TAML 1-4 for Saudi Aramco

LinkedIn: Alex Kashlev

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
Andrey Fedotov

Over 8 years of experience in major international companies (Smith, Schlumberger). Preparation and successful delivery of the world’s only TAML 5 7in casing project for NOVATEK (5 wells). Preparation and successful delivery of TAML 1-3 projects for major Russian oil and gas companies.

LinkedIn: Andrey Fedotov

Head of MENA Business Development
Lee Dolman

More than 24 years with Baker Hughes, Schlumberger (Drilling Domain Manager – Europe&Africa).
Almost 8 years in OilSERV as a Technical Director of Drilling Group.
Provides the introduction and support of New and Advanced Oil & Gas Technology into MENA.

LinkedIn: Lee Dolman

Head of Strategy
Heba Filobbos

Oil and Gas Executive with over 18 years of global experience working for the top three leading service providers in the industry, Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes. Current activity :
– Advisory Board Member at Texas A&M University Qatar;
– CEO & Owner of Kuwait International company;
– Head of Strategy at TerraVC.

LinkedIn: Heba Filobbos

Business Development Manager
Marc Allenby

More than 27 years with BJ Service Company, Basin Holdings, First Investment Group, Wenzel International Inc. and Ramp Energy DWC.
Over 14 years in BJ Service Company as a project, business development and country manager in Syria, Kazakhstan, UAE, Kuwait, Libya.
Founder of Ramp Energy DWC, a management consultancy company. 

LinkedIn: Marc Allenby

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
Arseny Romanov

A private debt (Mezzanine) and private equity (PE) professional with corporate development and investment strategy experience

LinkedIn: Arseny Romanov

COO (Chief Operations Officer)
Alexander Philippov

Has over 9 years of experience as Schlumberger Sakhalin lead field engineer. Project Coordinator in Multilateral Well Completions: TAML 5 for Exxon on Sakhalin Island, TAML 5 smart completion system for LUKOIL NVN, TAML 5 for Woodside (Australia).

LinkedIn: Alexander Philippov